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More Sample (Tricky) Projects

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There is one sample project shipped with the standard setup. It is installed into your Documents\Room Arranger folder. It is really recommended to check it out.

Fire Escape or Evacuation Plans

The following project was made using the library of symbols available on our On-line Library page. This plan shows a few items from this library, and should resemble ISO 23601 international standard fire escape plan.

You can edit all texts in this floor plan in a common way, for example translate it to your language.

Download: intro-sample_evac.rap (61 KB)

Mezzanine / Raised Floor

There is no direct support for mezzanines in Room Arranger, so you have to use some workaround. The first possibility is to leave floors intact and raise the floor using rectangles, and place objects on top of it (i.e. set their z-position).

Another possibility, shown below, is create separate floor for mezzanine, keeping walls from the lower floor, and add a big floor opening on over the part where lower floor extends over mezzanine.

It is quite tricky to add doors and windows that should extend over both floors - you have to add a wall openings in mezzanine floor for windows and doors located in lower floor.

Download: intro-sample_mezzanine.rap (2 KB)

Swimming pool / Underground cellar

It is possible to define the ground z-position. The project below demonstrates how it works in reality. There is a very small pool in the top half of the project, and you can see in 3D how pool walls are cutting the hole into the raised ground. Once you open this project, note that the pool itself is in floor 1, while the main part is designed in floor 2.

You can also see how tiling texture on the polygon can make nice-looking path to the pool, and is very easy to make. Just be sure to use the Polygon object.

Download: intro-sample_pool.rap (328 KB)

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