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Licensing for Windows and macOS

Windows macOS

Room Arranger is distributed free of charge, and can be freely evaluated for a period of 30 days. The application is fully functional, so do not expect something will suddenly start to work when you purchase the full license.

Purchasing a license is also often referred as registration.

The license should be purchased only when satisfied with the product.

Number of licenses

Multi-licenses are available for a single legal entity. For example a company, organization, or person. Multi-license cannot be purchased by one legal entity, and then provided to another legal entity.

You should purchase as many licenses as number of computers on which Room Arranger will be running at the same time. If you purchase additional licenses later and want to use only centrally managed registration details as above, please contact us, and we will generate new serial number for you.

Registration details

Registration details consist from licensee name and serial number. Once you purchase a license, you will automatically receive registration details via email. You need to enter it into Room Arranger exactly as in the email. Licensee name is case sensitive, and you also need to include hyphens in the serial number.

The best way is to copy & paste (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) the values from email to the applications.

Read more: License agreement

Licensing for iPad


The application is free and fully functional apart from saving and auto-saving the project. Again, this is to let you try the app before purchasing if satisfied.

Ability to save projects has to be purchased inside the app. You cannot use the registration details got from your desktop version.

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