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Create New Objects

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In case you did not find match for your object in Room Arranger built-in library, you can easily create your own objects directly inside Room Arranger.

Create objects by modifying existing ones.

Go to object properties to change dimensions and colors.
Create brand new objects by grouping.

Carefully place standard objects, select them all together, and group them to form a new object. For example a table consists of 4 thin rectangles as legs and 1 big above them. This is preferred way how to create new objects in Room Arranger.
Fill objects' Name, ID, Price and/or Link
Add objects to your User library and distribute it

If you happened to be a manager of a furniture company and you would like to give a catalog of your items to your customers in your country or to millions of Room Arranger users worldwide, you can create library that adds your objects to Room Arranger.

Web Selection Library is an example of such library that can be distributed.

If it is not enough we can even create a special Room Arranger version for your company…

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