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What should I do when I want to switch to new computer?

Since Room Arranger 7.0, all your custom stuff (object library, texture library, favorite colors) is located in your Documents\Room Arranger folder. So just take all contents of this folder (including subfolders) and copy it to the appropriate location on your new computer.

Then, of course, copy all your projects as well. Please note that if you used any textures, they are stored in each project file since version 7, so this is no problem. If the project was saved using previous versions, please copy all textures while keeping the same relative paths to the project files (or re-save the project in the current Room Arranger version).

You can use the same serial number on new computer too.

I installed new version and my projects are all gone! Are they lost?!

This may happen if you store your projects in Program Files\Room Arranger folder. You can find your projects by searching the whole hard drive, looking for *.rap files. You will probably find them in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Room Arranger

Program Files folders are not meant for user content, so please copy your projects to your Documents folder.

How to copy my User library from PC to iPad?

You can either copy the file via iTunes, or by using Dropbox. Just copy the user library file UserLib.ral that is located in your Documents\Room Arranger folder into Dropbox, and open it using Open Project function in Room Arranger on iPad. The contents of the file will be merged into user library on iPad.

When you open UserLib.ral file on iPad, it will find all objects with the same name in its current library and updated them. All other objects are added. When you open any other *.ral file, it will be copied into iPad as-is (i.e. no merging).

You can also add single objects stored in *.rao files to the library. You can download them in our web library or by exporting from your user library on PC.

I am not satisfied with the default 3D Viewer. Do I have other options for 3D?

In case the built-in 3D viewer does not fulfill your needs, you may install any VRML viewer and use instead of our own. Most of VRML viewers is offered for free. 3D navigation may be faster in them, but you may miss some features. You can select it as VRML plugin choice in Room Arranger Explore in 3D - Setup window. We recommend following VRML viewers:

Cortona 3D:
BS Contact:

How to create roof?

Sorry, there is no direct support for roofs in Room Arranger yet. You have to make it manually using 3D rotation for Rectangle, Polygon or Triangle objects, or by using Tilted Surface from the library.

How can I import object from CAD?

This is very difficult task and is described in one of our tutorials. We would recommend re-creating the object from scratch in Room Arranger itself (by grouping).

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