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Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows macOS Linux

Note: use instead of Ctrl on macOS

Actions with Objects
MouseWheel Scroll up / Scroll down
Shift+Wheel Scroll left / Scroll right
Ctrl+Wheel Zoom in / Zoom out at mouse cursor
MouseWheel click Start scrolling
RBtn Show pop-up context menu for object, project or wall
LBtn Select object
Shift+LBtn Add object to selection / Remove object from selection
Ctrl+LBtn drag Add objects fully inside the selection rectangle
Ctrl+A Select all objects
Ctrl+D Deselect (Clear selection)
Alt+Enter Edit properties of selected objects
Delete Remove selected objects
LBtn drag Move selected objects / Select objects intersecting rectangle
Shift+LBtn drag Move selected objects only horizontally or only vertically
Arrow keys Move selected objects 1 project unit
Shift+Arrow keys Move selected objects 5 project units
Ctrl+Arrow keys Move selected objects 1 view pixel at current zoom
Ctrl+Shift+Arrows Move selected objects 5 view pixels at current zoom
Alt+Arrow keys Align objects' top, left, … borders
Shift+D Duplicate selected objects
Ctrl+G Group selected objects (create new object)
Ctrl+L Rotate selected objects left 90 degrees
Ctrl+R Rotate selected objects right 90 degrees
H Start creating new line
M Start measuring
Shift+F Toggle display of inches values as feet + inches
Wall Editor
Ctrl+Enter Accept changes and close editor
A Pointing tool
W Start creating new wall
E Start creating new wall polygon
Menu Commands
F1 Open help
F2 Go to Start Page
F3 Search within library objects
F5 3D Viewer
Ctrl+N New project
Ctrl+O Open project
Ctrl+J Browse projects
Ctrl+S Save project
F12 Save project to different file
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+T Project properties
Ctrl+Z Undo last action
Ctrl+Y Redo undone action
Ctrl+C Copy selected objects to clipboard
Ctrl+X Cut selected objects to clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste objects from clipboard
Ctrl+K Edit selected objects from side
Ctrl+E Add label
Ctrl+M Add dimension line
Ctrl+H Add line
/ Zoom 100% (as defined in Project Properties)
* Zoom to best-fit
+ Zoom in
- Zoom out
F8 Start wall editor
F7 Show Rooms in the Project window
PageUp Go up one floor in multi-floor project
PageDown Go down one floor in multi-floor project
Ctrl+W Explore in 3D - Setup
L Define / Switch off local coordinates
Ctrl+B Toggle library window
Ctrl+I Toggle layers window
F9 Toggle object listing window
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