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Notebook PC


(for Windows PC, macOS and Linux)

As a registered user, you will receive:

Once you register the program you will receive a serial number that you should enter in Help - Register window in Room Arranger.

License Ordering (for Windows PC, macOS and Linux)

Please download, install and try the software before paying. It is free for 30 days.

The license for the "full" (unlimited) version of the software costs USD 19.95 and there are additional licenses (registered to the same name) at reduced prices for companies and institutions. Prices shown excluding VAT.

QuantityPrice per LicenseTotal
1 $19.95 $19.95
2 - 4 $19 $38 - $76
5 - 14 $17   $85 - $238
15 - 49 $14 $210 - $686
= 50

* Please write 50 as a Quantity in Register form

Registration is available only online over secure internet connection. The amount is displayed in your local currency, and you can pay with:
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, American Express, Carte Bleue, JCB, UnionPay
  • PayPal, Alipay
  • Wire Transfer, Local Bank Transfer (in selected countries)

For tax matters, the company you made the businness with is the US company FastSpring.

Czech citizens can additionally pay directly; please see this page in Czech.

Slovak citizens can contact our reseller for Slovakia, AVIR.


The software is not delivered physically. You will receive only the serial number.

If you don't get the email with the serial number within a few hours, please contact us. Don't forget to check the Spam folder.