Room Arranger

Compliance with Qt LGPL

Room Arranger uses Qt framework under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License v. 3 ("LGPL"). In compliance with LGPL, this document collects the relevant information about downloading, installing, and building Qt framework from sources. The main source of the information and most of the web links provided here come from the Qt Company's website.

Qt is copyright by The Qt Company and/or its subsidiary(-ies) and other contributors.

LGPL License Text

The first step in compliance with LGPL is that every recipient of the Room Arranger software receives also the full text of the LGPLv3 license used. Room Arranger complies with this requirement by including the full text of the LGPL license (Qt-LICENSE.txt) in every Room Arranger distribution.

The full text of the LGPLv3 license can also be obtained on the GNU website

How Room Arranger Uses Qt

Dynamic Linking

On each supported platform (Windows, Linux, and MacOS), the Room Arranger dynamically links to the unmodified Qt libraries, as provided by The Qt Company in the pre-compiled binary format.

Also, in compliance with LGPL, the "Help - About - About Qt" dialog box inside Room Arranger application prominently states that this program uses the Qt framework under the terms of LGPL.

Qt Version Information

Additionally, there is "Help - About - About Qt" dialog box, which informs the user about the exact version of Qt and explains the Qt licensing terms.

Qt Library Source Code

Room Arranger has used several Qt versions. It uses LGPLv3 license since version 9.6. Please choose the Qt version displayed by the Room Arranger "Help - About - About Qt" dialog box:

Qt 5.15.2:
Qt 6.4.3:
Qt 6.5.3:
Qt 6.6.1:

Written Offer to Provide Source Code

In case you have any trouble downloading the Qt Source Code from the official links provided above, we make hereby a written offer to provide such source code to you. To make a Qt source code request, send email to the following address: Please indicate which specific Room Arranger version you are using. Each Qt version will be available for three (3) years after the release date of the corresponding Room Arranger version.