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On this page you can find new complex objects created by other users. You can create them with the command Group (Ctrl+G) in the object pop-up menu. Then, you can save it as a new object to your User Library. Or send it to us and share it with other people around the world.

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The Library

Download all of them in one zip file here.

Note: Use Save Target As... for downloading.

EU Energy Label


Corner Sofa


Kitchen Hood

Corner bench


Sofa+Tabouret by Koudy

Rolling chair


CD cabinet

Alarm clock

Fire extinguisher

Classical Guitar

Stove by MV



Carriage for Bicycles



Flourscent Fixture

Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Whirpool Washing Machine

Digital gauge

Traverse Rod

Vault 60

Vault 80

Glass Table by Faca

Chimenea modelo vulcano de Traforart by Faca

IKEA Expedit 5x5 birch by Mort

IKEA Expedit 5x5 black by Mort

Nintendo Switch by GamingOfficeYT

Crate of Pilsner Urquell

Kiom24 Designlamps

Desk Lamp 10052

Bankers Lamp 10122

Floor Lamp 10262

LED Lamp 10012

LED Lamp 10416

Desk Lamp 10156

Pendant Lamp 10199

Floor Lamp 10149

Wall Lamp 10103

Wall Lamp 10381




cabinet bathroom

cabinet bathroom 2

cabinet bathroom 3

cabinet bathroom 4

cabinet bathroom 5

cabinet bathroom+mirror (part)

cabinet bedroom

cabinet living room

cabinet living room 2

cabinet living room 3

cabinet living room 4

cabinet living room 5

cabinet living room 6

cabinet tech

central heating system


chair 2

chair 3

chinese carpet

double bed

glass table

glass table 2

glass table (dining room)

Gorenje B 50 PP

Gorenje DD 950 P

Gorenje GCS 63 C-S

Gorenje K 28P


HI-FI full

HI-FI speaker

iMAC display and case

iMAC full

iMAC glass keyboard

iMAC speaker

LCD Display

LG LCD Monitor

microwave oven


PC case

PC display

PC keyboard

PC table

plasma TV


remote control



sofa 1

sofa 2

sofa 3

Sony - home cinema

Sony KE-42TS2 Plasma WEGA TV


Sony SA-VS500H speakers


towel handle




work table

work table 2



aquarium 1 meter


bicycle for kids

boxes on wheels

cappuccino machine

chess bauhaus school

doll house

glass ashtray




long train

painting - composition with red, yellow and blue (Mondriaan)

square thing for kids

stacked clown toy

table soccer

xylophone for kids



Bedroom cabinet

Bedroom locker

Children furniture


Double bed

Home cinema

LCD iiyama Pro Lite E431SB



Bath-House Stove

DVD&VHS shelf

HI-FI in High 102cm casing

PC-Table Bookshelf

PC-Table Corner

PC-Table Drawer

Kitchen closet high 50-60

Kitchen floor-cupboard 30-60

Kitchen floor-cupboard with Sink 80-60

Kitchen floor-drawer 40-60

Kitchen wall-hung closet low rooflevel 60-60

Kitchen wall-hung cupboard 30-32

Kitchen wall-hung cupboard 80-32

Kitchen wall-hung cupboard withMicro 60-35

Kitchen wall-hung cupboard-for-cooker-hood 50-16

Kitchen wall-hung drinks-cupboard 80-32

Kitchen WaterTap

Kitchen worksurface 80-70



Floor Lamp



Laundry Basket Cover

Magic Ball


Zick Zack Bookshelf




Bunk Beds

Ceiling Fan w lights


Desk Lamp

Double Bed


Floor Lamp

Library Desk

Student Desk

Shaker Style Spindle Beds

Twin Bed

Water Heater


Bridge Table

Bunn Coffee Maker

Canister Set

Card Chair

Croquet Set

Dish Rack

Diving Board

Dresser Set

Fire Hydrant

Flourscent Fixture


Large Fountain

Mixing Bowls

Outdoor Pavilion

Picnic Table

Ping Pong Paddles 1

Ping Pong Paddles 2

Ping Pong Table

Poker Table

Pool Cues

Pool Table

Volley Ball Net

Pots and Pans

Wall Sconce

Polygon Roof Toolbox


angle PC table

angle PC table shelving

ikea corras

ikea dalfors

ikea jerker

simple PC table

16channel mixer

midi masterkeyboard


synthesizer stand

Vox AC30 amp

A texture is used on the furniture. Please download also file briza.jpg into the folder with these objects.

IKEA Expedit Library by ULJA

IKEA Mikael Drawers

IKEA Mikael Table

IKEA Norden Table

IKEA Norden Table - Moving


Larger Bedroom Cabinet

Small Bedroom Cabinet




Cupboard Pine 30, Glass Door

Cupboard Pine 30, L

Cupboard Pine 30, R

Cupboard Pine 80

Cupboard Pine 80, Glass door & Shelf

Cupboard Pine 80, Glass Door, Shelf, Mugs

Dinning Table, ART-5675, Black walnut, 160x100

Dinning Table, AUT-4000, Alder, 120 x 74

Dinning Table, AUT-4000, Black Walnut, 120 x 74

Dinning Table, AUT-4000, Cherry, 120 x 74

Dinning Table, AUT-4000, Oak, 120 x 74

Dinning Table, AUT-4000, Pine, 120 x 74

Chairs, Dinning, Alder

Chairs, Dinning, Black Walnut

Chairs, Dinning, Cherry

Chairs, Dinning, Oak

Chairs, Dinning, Pine

Kitchen Pine 100, Sink L

Kitchen Pine 100, Sink R

Kitchen Pine 113, Sink & Dishwasher L

Kitchen Pine 113, Sink & Dishwasher P

Kitchen Pine 120, Sink L

Kitchen Pine 120, Sink R

Kitchen Pine 30, 4 drawers

Kitchen Pine 47, L

Kitchen Pine 50, 3 drawers

Kitchen Pine 50, 4 drawers

Kitchen Pine 50, L

Kitchen Pine 50, R

Kitchen Pine 66, Built-in Dishwasher

Kitchen Pine 70, Built-in Cooker & Oven

Kitchen Pine 80, 2 drawers

Kitchen Pine 80, 3 drawers

Kitchen Pine 91

Kitchen Pine, Corner

Picture 01, Ruka drzici svicku

Picture 02, Sleep Walking Well

Picture 11, Zatisi, V.Rada

Picture 12, The Last Supper, Da Vinci

Picture 13, Zatisi se dzbanem a jablky

Picture 14, Pechacek

Picture 15, Seurat

Picture 16, Postava

Picture 17, Soumrak v lese, Josef Holub

Picture 18, Rozkvetle zakouti, Ladislav Ehrlich

Pantry Pine, Complet

Pantry Pine, Left Part

Pantry Pine, Left Part & Extension

Shoe Cabinet with Mirror, Birch

Wardrobe, Pine, 180x61x200


Microwave 1

Wall Clocks, Sunflowers 1

Wall Clocks, Sunflowers 2

Wall Clocks, Sunflowers 3

Wall Clocks, Sunflowers 4

Wall Clocks, Sunflowers 5

Wall Clocks, Sunflowers 6

Wall Clocks, Sunflowers 7


Amp 1

Amp 2

Amp 3



Cabinet 1

Cabinet 2

CD Arcam

CD Ayre

CD Esoteric

Dining chair

Dining table



Eames lounger

Eames organic

Ikea Robin

Ikea Vejmon

Lamp 1

Lamp 2

Light 1

Light 2

Light 3

Light 4

Rack 1

Rack 2

Rack 3

Rack 4


Sofa 1

Sofa 2

Speaker Alpair12

Speaker Alpair7

Speaker BWM802

Speaker Pensil12

TV 1

TV 2

Wall table


Antique cupboard

Antique dining table

Antique chair

Antique wall clock

Arched window

Balustrade *


Fireplace insert *


Terrace door

Wooden staircase *

InkedMike Collection

2 tone brown beige couch

2 tone brown beige lseat

barnboard table w corrugated edge

barnwood dining chair w buckskin padding

beige cream leather couch

buckskin beige couch

buckskin beige lseat

light leather couch

light leather lseat

simple shaker dining chair

padded shaker dining chair

shaker chair 2

drk wood shaker chair w beige leather

very ornate dark wood tabkle w inlays

very ornate dining chair w inlays

dark wood plank dining table w tapered legs

dark plank coffee table

dark wood plank dining chair w padded bottom

oak barell coffe table

simple light wood harvest dining chair 18x18

simple light wood harvest table 32x96

french provincial 2 seat settee

french provincial 3 seat couch

french provincial 4 seat couch

choc brown club chair

black tuffed leather chair w barnboard accents

dark wood wardrobe w drawers

incredibly ornate cabinet

light wood antigue cabinet

modern drk wood cabinet

white cabinet w legs

white wardrobe w drawer

whitewash cab w door knobs

freestanding dbl oven

deLonghi 32in stove

deLonghi 32in stove w gas burner

deLonghi 32in stove w induction ctop

induction stovetop

s stel stove w gas cook top

stainless steel stove 1

amana double door fridge

Samsung dbl door fridge

crescent waterfall faucet w cold buttons

stainles faucet

st steel long neck faucet

stainless steel dishwasher

stainless steel fridge

stainless steel glass door

trough bathtub 60in

brass trough tub

complete brass shower body spray w shower head and faucet

cool blue metal sconce

brown multi color rug

Fireplaces, Home Theaters

home theater multi component w copper speakers and remote

blue wood samsung home theater 5.1

Sony home theater w cabinet

fireplace w full enterttaint center

fireplace w white surround

stone fireplace

stone fireplace w chimeny and tv

stone fireplce w chimeny

wood surround fireplace

wood surround fireplace w chimeny

audio component controller

onyko stacked unit

optoma digital movie projector


3 light hanging bronze light

beige pattern 4 tube w bronzehanging lamp

bronze chandelier

bronze hanging lamp

bronze w leather hanging lamp

twin bronze w leather hanging lamps

crystal chandeleir small w copper

bronze multi light chandelier

formal glass chandelier

chandeleir copper 1

spanish glass lamp

white hanging lamp

Liqour Bottles

beer tap - Guinness

beer tap - MGD

beer tap - Stella Artois

bottle - jaqk wine

liqour bottle - Cointreau

liqour bottle - Crown Royal

liqour bottle - Demain cognac

liqour bottle - DM root beer

liqour bottle - gold rum

liqour bottle - Gran Marnier

liqour bottle - Jack Daniels

liqour bottle - Jim Beam

liqour bottle - Naranja

liqour bottle - vodka

liqour bottle - whiskey