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 +====== Create New Objects ======
 +{{:​os_win.png?​nolink|Windows}} {{:​os_osx.png?​nolink|OS X}} {{:​os_lnx.png?​nolink|Linux}} {{:​os_ios.png?​nolink|iPad}}
 +In case you did not find match for your object in Room Arranger built-in library, you can easily create your own objects directly inside Room Arranger.
 +|{{:​intro_g1.png?​nolink}}|Create objects by modifying existing ones.\\ \\ Go to object properties to change dimensions and colors.|
 +|{{:​intro_g2.png?​nolink}}|Create brand new objects by grouping. \\ \\ Carefully place standard objects, select them all together, and group them to form a new object. For example a table consists of 4 thin rectangles as legs and 1 big above them. This is preferred way how to create new objects in Room Arranger. |
 +|{{:​intro_g3.png?​nolink}}|Fill objects'​ Name, ID, Price and/or Link|
 +|{{ :​intro_g4.png?​nolink }}|Add objects to your User library and distribute it|
 +If you happened to be a manager of a furniture company and you would like to give a catalog of your items to your customers in your country or to millions of Room Arranger users worldwide, you can create library that adds your objects to Room Arranger.
 +[[http://​​objects.html|Web Selection Library]] is an example of such library that can be distributed.
 +If it is not enough we can even create a special Room Arranger version for your company... ​
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