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 +====== Sun Shadow ======
 +{{:​os_win.png?​nolink|Windows}} {{:​os_osx.png?​nolink|OS X}} {{:​os_lnx.png?​nolink|Linux}} ​
 +Simulate real sun shadow. Set your position on Earth (latitude, longitude) and select date and time. The shadow will change accordingly.
 +{{ youtube>​1AjZ_kuu3Es?​large }}
 +===== Setup =====
 +To activate sun shadow, go to "​Explore in 3D - Setup" - a.k.a. Viewpoints editor, accessible under last toolbar button. Use Setup button to set the location. There is a small database of world cities to help you.
 +North is determined from the **compass** object, just add it to any floor in your project. When compass object is not present, North will be pointing up.
 +You can change the date and time while watching it in 3D, just use menu command under Gear button there.
 +===== Issues =====
 +  * Some Intel graphics chips with some driver version might cause crash when there are textures present in the project. Also can cause crash when reloading the 3D (close and open the 3D view instead of refreshing).
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