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 +====== EULA - End User License Agreement ======
 +This is license agreement is a legal agreement between you (an individual
 +person or a single legal entity, "​You"​) and Jan Adamec (the "​Author"​)
 +for Room Arranger (the "​Software"​). By installing this software you are
 +agreeing to this license agreement.
 +===== 1. Shareware/ Demo/ Evaluation License =====
 +The product you obtain labeled as SHAREWARE means that you may evaluate
 +it free of charge for a period of 30 days, after which you are required
 +to register the software, and thus enable the full functionality of the
 +Software after 30 days by purchasing a serial number. Before doing so,
 +it is strongly recommended to evaluate the Software.
 +===== 2. Distribution of Shareware Version =====
 +You may distribute the SHAREWARE version of this program to any website/​person
 +as long as you include the original setup program in unmodified state.
 +You may also include this SHAREWARE version on any CD/DVD compilation
 +as long as you:
 +  * only distribute the shareware version
 +  * do not charge for the CD (apart from normal handling/​distribution costs)
 +===== 3. Ordering the Full Version =====
 +Once you have evaluated the Software, or the 30 day period has expired,
 +you will need to register the software. On your accepted order, and payment
 +of the applicable fee, the Author will provide a serial number or other mechanism
 +to you for conversion of an evaluation limited license to a non-evaluation,​
 +A single user license permits a registered user (licensee) to use
 +one copy of the Program only on a single computer at a time.
 +The usage by multiple users at the same time (on multiple computers)
 +requires additional licenses. Additional licenses allow an institution or
 +company to install or use the Program on multiple computers or on a
 +server. It must be guaranteed that the Program does not run on more
 +machines at the same time than there are licenses purchased.
 +===== 4. Ownership of the Program =====
 +You agree and acknowledge that Author transfers no ownership interest in any
 +Program or part Program, or in the intellectual property in any Program
 +or in any Program copy, to you under this Agreement or otherwise, and that
 +the Author reserve all rights not expressly granted to you in this
 +License Agreement.
 +===== 5. Defects in the Program =====
 +Although this software has been extensively tested, the Author
 +DOES NOT WARRANT that this Program will be completely defect free,
 +or that any bugs found are correctable or will be corrected.
 +===== 6. Limitation of Liability =====
 +The Software is provided "​as-is",​ and no warranties of any kind
 +(including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a
 +particular purpose), express or implied, are made as to it or any medium
 +it may be on. Under no circumstances will the author provides any other
 +remedy for direct, indirect, special, consequential,​ punitive, incidental
 +or other damages arising from it, including such from negligence, strict
 +liability, or breach of warranty or contract, even after notice of the
 +possibility of such damages.
 +Installing and using the Software signifies acceptance and agreement to
 +the terms and conditions of this license.
 +If you do not agree with the terms of this license you must cease to use
 +the Software and remove the Software from your storage devices.
 +This Agreement is governed by the laws of Czech Republic.
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