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 +====== Start New Project ======
 +{{:​os_win.png?​nolink|Windows}} {{:​os_osx.png?​nolink|OS X}} {{:​os_lnx.png?​nolink|Linux}} {{:​os_ios.png?​nolink|iPad}}
 +In most cases, Room Arranger is used to design rooms, apartments or houses.
 +The example below shows quite a detailed project of one house floor.
 +Things are much easier when you have just one room to do...
 +|{{intro_l1.png?​nolink}}|Start with empty project.|
 +|{{intro_l2.png?​nolink}}|Add walls in Wall editor|
 +|{{intro_l3.png?​nolink}}|Add furniture, define colors\\ Drag objects from Library window|
 +|{{intro_l4.png?​nolink}}|View in 3D (top view selected)|
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